Our company is a vertical flexible unit of plastic and metal production


Our company produces plastic and metal products in privately-owned premises in N.Santa Kilkis. Apart from manufacturing products for its own range, our company also manufactures products for many factories abroad.

Quality is a priority, above all. Our goal is to produce high-quality, flawless final products, something which is reflected in all stages of our internal procedures and our relations with our customers. As a special and reliable partner, we have also developed the manufacture of reliable products for our customers. Working in close collaboration with our suppliers, we take our customers,demands and turn them into the production of ready-to-use products.

Production Departments

Designing products and moulds

Ever since the beginning of our project, we believe in a high level of customer service. Our customers benefit from our experience each time a new program enters production. We can plan cost estimations on demand and offer advice regarding the most suitable material choice, thus making the production more effective and efficient.

Our designing department is equipped with a modern 3D CAD work station. If we do not have the necessary data skill process in the factory, we can assign the designing projects in reliable, external collaborators.

We can even create prototypes from various materials, thus effectively turning your ideas into reality.

Processing Metal

As in the manufacture of plastics, the metal parts are also a main sector of our production process.

We have a full range of impactive and hydraulic balers, scissors, spot welders, vibrators for polishing and many other helping tools, which also make us a vertical production unit in the sector of metal parts.

In SVIM, our goal is the production of quality products under the European standards.

Processing Plastic

We produce plastic products for more than 40 years. This experience, combined with a modern machinery fleet, allows us to manufacture high-quality products which offer dimension precision and colour conformity.

The modern machinery fleet allows us to manufacture parts with weight varying from 1 gram to 500 grams. In SVIM, we work with nearly all thermoplastics (thermo-softening plastics), such as PC, ABS, PS, PP, PC, SAN, PA, PE, PSU, PPS, TPE and others. We can also process these materials with glass fibers, glass bead or metal armament, if required.

Thanks to our flexibility and strategy in different sectors of the industry, we can also manufacture small production lines.