Cooking and pastry tools

Made in Greece


Cooking is a daily expression of love, and the joy of cooking is what inspires us, at Svim to make sure you have the right tools in your hands . Peelers, Mandoline Cutters, ingenious inventions for dough creations, solutions and patents for food preparation, Tongs, Graters and everything you need for convenience and safety in the Kitchen.


The sweet side of the kitchen with Svim as an ally, providing you with everything you need for the precision and perfection of the execution of sweet recipes, but also for their presentation.  Tools such as Brushes, Spatulas for Spreading and Garnishing, Measurers, Ring Molds, Pastry and Dough Forming Tools, smart, timeless and favorite.


The extra something for your home’s needs.  PLUS products are useful items that provide solutions to small daily needs, such as a sponge holder, door wedges, sink filters and much more.  Small gadgets that save your time and effort in your busy life.  They are designed and produced with Svim’s signature quality, efficiency and durability.