Press Win Key + Down Arrow Key so the window takes up the full right side of the screen. Press Win Key + Down Arrow Key again so the window takes up the lower right portion of the screen. It used to be possible in Windows 8, but was removed to allow better integration of desktop apps and tablet mode. To view, the Participants, Click on the people icon in your Google Meet window.

  • The File Explorer on Windows has been a major point of contention among Windows users.
  • Sometimes, it’s useful to flip screens to assist employees in remembering to lock them as they walk off.
  • Use the Universal Restore offered by MiniTool ShadowMaker Trial Edition.
  • Once Windows is successfully installed on your PC, you no longer need the Windows ISO on your Android device.

Everyone loves to personalize their operating system so that it really feels like “your” computer. Therefore it makes sense that the ability to customize how Windows looks and feels is disabled unless you activate it. In the non-activated scenario, you can choose between a small set of themes that ship with Windows.

How to Rotate Screen in Windows 11 | msi/ How to Fix Screen Rotation

Windows 11 22H2 brings some changes for the “Quick Settings” flyout, including a new option to open the “Bluetooth & Devices” setting page when right-clicking the “Bluetooth” button. In addition, there’s a new icon next to the volume slider to make the option more discoverable. Also, the tooltip on the volume icon has been updated to show when you are using spatial sound. As part of the power menu settings, Windows also adds a quick access button that opens the “Sign-in options” page. It’s worth noting that October won’t see a widespread rollout of Windows 11. Microsoft is currently planning to release the Windows 11 update in the third or fourth week of October and some believe that it will be released on October 19.

To pin the Game Pass widget, select the ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the widgets board. By now everyone has probably started to see commercials on TV, YouTube and many other places for Windows 11. The new operating system is slowly becoming available for free to anyone running Windows 10 whose computer meets the minimum specifications for the new OS. The question is whether feds should consider upgrading or stick with Windows 10.

Step 6: Copy the Windows 10 ISO over to your USB Drive

Select “Show only 2” to disable monitor “1” and only use monitor “2”. The following instructions will show you how to configure two monitors to display a single work space. Here you can do split screen in Windows Movie Maker alternative easily, for Windows Movie Maker does not have functionality of split screen. However, the four sections layout doesn’t work well with a smaller display as it takes ample space. But if you have a large or wide display, then the four-section split would come in handy.

Not only that, you can also now set the auto play media to set whether a video will play automatically or not. When you read PDFs using Edge Browser, you can now add notes and annotations. This of course would be interesting if you want to add certain notes when reading an eBook. Then, if you open the reading view, currently available Learning Tools with Text Options that can be adjusted to look and color.


I tried using the key for a msi computer with Windows 7. The clean install of windows 10 did not accept the mass oem key from msi. So doing a clean install what would one use for the key to activate it. This article really fails to answer the most important question 3-5 people have already asked me. I waited for a couple of days but my reserved invite still hasn’t come through so I manually updated as it mentioned in this article.